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Whiteways Nursery hall with girl painting and lego models

Meet The Team

Photo of Dianne Whiteway preschool Manager
I love working with children, they are so inquisitive and receptive.

It’s a real privilege to share their learning and development journey and help prepare them for school. I’ve been at Whiteway Pre School for twelve years now.

Photo of Hilary Whiteway preschool Deputy Manager
I began my career in child education in 1999 after my children started school.
Deputy Manager

Each day here is different and I love every minute. Parents entrust their children to us and it is our job to provide a safe, caring, happy and stimulating environment for them.

Photo of Joy Whiteway preschool teacher
I took an interest in how Whiteway Pre School was run when my son started attending.

When he was in his last year I did some voluntary work here, and when he left for school I stayed. That was twenty five years ago! I love working with children and helping them to become confident in learning new things.

Photo of Julie Whiteway preschool teacher
I have been caring for other people’s children since I was fourteen.

I left school to study nursery nursing and then Primary School teaching.

I love the way children live in the moment and discover so many things out of natural curiosity, trial and error and their delight at success.