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New staff member - Julie!

December 1, 2020

We are very pleased to welcome Julie into our team at Whiteway's Pre-School.

Julie says:

I have been caring for other people’s children since I was fourteen.
I left school to study nursery nursing and then Primary School teaching.
I love the way children live in the moment and discover so many things out of natural curiosity, trial and error and their delight at success.

The children come in, hang up their coat and find their name card to show ‘Who is here today’. They are then free to choose from a wide range of activities that vary daily. Each morning we choose a ‘Helper’ who performs several important jobs throughout the day.


The children sit together for a group activity, for example a story, singing or playing musical instruments. This is followed by break-time where the children wash their hands then sit at a table in small groups and have a snack. As we aim to promote healthy eating, the snack consists of wholemeal toast, fruit, vegetables and milk (but we also have cake if it’s someone’s birthday!)


It is ‘tidy-up time’ and the children help put away the toys and equipment.

We have another group activity then the children wash their hands and sit at a table with their Key Person to eat their lunch.

After lunch the children get ready to go home.


After lunch some of the children get ready to go home. Those remaining children continue with structured activities inside or play outside in a secure play area. Outdoor activities include bikes, construction resources, large dinosaurs and many more.


The children get ready to go home.

Please note: We sometimes differ to the school dates as laid out in the pdf's. If unsure, please contact us.
photo of Julie
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